A bad combination

I have recently started doing some gardening and putting apartment plants in our home.

I guess that they bring a fantastic aesthetic to the house, however house plants are also a fantastic way to purify the air in your home, however just before purchasing any new plant, I will do extensive research on the plant, but for my upcoming birthday, I gained a fiddle tree inside our house.

I was so happy to put the tree in a new pot and watch it grow, and the plant, but, had odd plans, quickly after repotting the new plant, I noticed brown spots on the leaves. I thought that perhaps I was not watering it enough or it was not getting enough sunlight. I ended up switching to plant to a sunnier location. The plant was right under an air vent, then with the cooling system kicked on, this would rustle the plants leaves. The cooling unit was coming on several times throughout the day due to our family setting the temperature on the control unit unquestionably low. I did not believe that the air vent would bother the plant too much; A few weeks later, all of the leaves started falling off of the tree! I was so frustrated. I did some more research in order to find that this kind of plant does not enjoy the air blowing on them from the air vent. I was starting to suppose that this plant was never going to reuse from being in a terribly unpleasant setting. However, I suppose that it is possible for a plant to come back to life with no other problems.