A bad storm caught our area off guard

We don’t usually get really bad weather around these parts, but this last year has been a bit of a doozy.

We were all caught off guard when this enormous thunderstorm came rolling through our area. We got so much rain, there was flooding all over the place. I heard that a lot of people faced power outages which was really scary in such a terrible situation. Most people in our area don’t have backup generators or anything like that. Now thankfully, my father told me to be prepared for situations like this. He said that I better have an emergency food storage with a water supply in case something terrible ever happened. He said I would thank him for it when something bad finally happened and I was actually ready for it. I had a nice backup generator and my HVAC unit was even lifted up off the basement floor in case we experienced bad flooding. Of course, we were lucky this time that we didn’t actually experience the power outage. We were still able to watch TV and enjoy our HVAC system and our sump pump was working great. Even if we did experience the power outage though, I had our backup generator ready to go with a full tank of fuel and we would have made it through just fine so long as the wind didn’t blow the roof off of our house. When I spoke to a lot of the neighbors after the terrible storm, a lot of them had severe flooding damage to their HVAC systems and they said they were going to get backup generators so their sump pumps would still work during a power outage.

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