A/C complications during summer break

I was so thrilled to be out of school for summer vacation.

When I got home though, I was shocked that the house was so overheated.

I asked my parents what was going on with the temperature control settings and they informed me that the A/C unfortunately broke down. I asked them if they were going to contact the HVAC company and they said that they already did. They let me know that because it was summer, there were a lot of people getting their A/C systems worked on and we had to wait a few days to get ours fixed. So I asked them if I could go to my friend’s house and they said that would be just fine. I couldn’t stand being in that overheated house for another minute even with fans running. When I got to my buddy’s house, it was so refreshing to feel the air conditioner working. I told him how nice the A/C felt and he laughed and said it wasn’t like I didn’t have air conditioning at home. That’s when I told him that we had a problem with our A/C back at home and we had to wait to get an HVAC technician out to the place. He said if I wanted, I could spend the night a few days until the A/C was fixed. Of course he had to ask his parents but he was sure they wouldn’t mind. So his parents ended up saying that it would be fine for me to stay a few nights if that was okay with my parents. They also said they had an extra window A/C unit if they wanted to borrow it. So I took the window A/C unit in a wagon back home so my parents wouldn’t roast to death. They were happy about that and said I could stay a few nights at my friend’s home until the A/C was repaired.

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