A/C helps after sunburn

I woke up then because I was cold cold.

It was a relatively cool day but I still took my neighbor up on her invitation to spend some time down at her lakeside property; At first, all of us were hoping it would be sizzling enough for swimming or rafting but it wasn’t. Yes, it was 1 of the first afternoons where the temperature hit 70 degrees this year, however, the water was still under 50 degrees and there was no way I was going in it! So, instead, all of us sat around fishing, studying, and talking until sunset; Then all of us had a big campfire. By the end of the day I was sleepy and blissful to go to my own home; It wasn’t until I started driving cabin that I realized I was feeling truly hot. At first I thought it was because it had gotten cold outside. But, when I got home, I noticed that I had a awful sunburn. It was all over my arms, legs, and face. I thought it was too cool and overcast for sunburns. Boy was I wrong! My whole body felt adore it was on fire and I felt nauseous. Thankfully my cabin has an excellent cooling system. I felt a bit silly turning on my a/c as the temperature dropped outside but I didn’t have a choice. I sat in front of my a/c vent on the couch and suddenly fell asleep. The cool air felt so nice and refreshing against my sunburn. I didn’t wake up until day. I woke up then because I was cold cold. I still had a sunburn but it wasn’t burning tepid anymore. The a/c worked on that for me. I also no longer felt sick to my stomach.

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