A date with an HVAC technician

During an evening out with friends, Taylor started talking to an attractive man that offered to buy her a drink at the bar we were in. After a few minutes, my friends and I went in to see if she needed to be removed from the conversation. Usually, Taylor attracts guys that are very talkative and she has a hard time trying to leave the conversation. After realizing that they were really hitting it off, we left her alone to continue her conversation. On the way home, she told us all about Frank and how he was in HVAC school to become an HVAC technician. She told us about his family HVAC company, about how he was in HVAC school for 2 years, and how he would climb into attics to repair vents and ductwork as a kid. Frank seemed to have a good head on his shoulders. HVAC school is a good place to start a career and a family. Taylor and Frank went on a few more dates. We referred to him as the “AC guy” for a while until they actually made it official. Fast forward 3 years and Taylor and the AC guy are engaged to be married. We always talk about how they met randomly in a bar and now are getting married. Taylor and Frank have since opened their own HVAC company and Taylor does all of the advertising for the HVAC company.


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