A Good Comfort Level with Your HVAC Contractor is Important

I guess one never really knows what they are getting into until they are actually in it. This is true about most things but is particularly true about building a custom home. I figured since I have lived most of my life fairly ably that I could take on a home build. My thinking was that since I was retired, I would be able to devote all my time to the building project and it would go smoothly. My wife and I did a lot of planning, research and educating ourselves about building a home. This made us even more confident about solving any building project headache. Well, there was one part of the build that was not at all difficult. And, that was the HVAC. We hired a great HVAC contractor. However, it wasn’t all easy as pie. Initially, we met with 7 different HVAC contractors. There wasn’t one of them that we were actually totally comfortable with. Those candidates were either sloppy and late or completely disorganised. We just wanted someone who was a knowledgeable HVAC professional to guide us through the HVAC stuff. Finally, we had to go nearly 25 miles away in order to find someone we could feel comfortable taking the HVAC reigns for our house. Boy, am I glad that we chose to keep looking because we sure landed a great HVAC contractor. He was able to get us many HVAC options and then we were able to whittle those choices down. The unit we chose is very efficient and perfectly sized to our home. Our HVAC contractor also made the entire installation process go so smoothly. With all the headaches that we endured with the house, I sure am glad there weren’t any with the HVAC.


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