A good deal

They were on sale so I bought them myself.

Everyone is consistently going on about HEPA air filters & how appealing they are. To be honest, I simply don’t get it? I have used HEPA air filters for a long time now & they are good. But there is nothing special about HEPA air filters like many people try to rave about. To me an air filter is an air filter. It can be a basic air filter or a washable air filter, but an air filter works the same as the next 1, hEPA is nothing but a brand name if you ask me! Not that I am putting down HEPA air filters, so do not get me wrong on that. In my opinion as long as you know when to change your air filter & you keep up the labor & tune ups on your central heating & a/c you will not have any major problems, what got me thinking about the whole HEPA air filter trend was that I visited a few different heating & a/c corporations recently. And these heating & a/c corporations were pushing & promoting HEPA air filters like crazy. They were on sale so I bought them myself. But it all got me thinking…what is the immense deal? It’s all sales hype if you ask me. I’ll consistently buy whatever air filters are on sale. The cheaper they are, the better! If it happens to be HEPA air filters then so be it. Whatever I see that is the cheapest is what I will actually throw my money down & buy, however end of story! Air filters are all the same to me.


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