Adding Moisture to the Air

There are a variety of humidifiers on the market today.

They all fill one basic goal which is to add moisture to the air.

Types of humidifiers you can use at home are warm mist, cool mist, and central. Warm mist humidifiers also known as steam vaporizers boil water to create steam. The steam is sprayed into the atmosphere of the room to increase the amount of moisture in the air. These are a great help if you are suffering with congestion and throat irritations. Cool mist humidifiers come in three types which are evaporative, ultrasonic, and impeller. In an evaporative humidifier, a fan pulls in warm air from the room and uses it to evaporate water held inside of a wick. The air becomes more humid as the water evaporates. An ultrasonic humidifier uses high frequency ultrasonic vibrations to evaporate water which is quieter when running. An impeller humidifier uses a rotating disk to fling water at a diffuser to produce a mist. A warm mist humidifier uses more energy than a cool water humidifier because it uses heat to boil the water and a cool mist humidifier only uses a fan. Cool mist humidifiers do not use warm water therefore they don’t need as extensive of a cleaning. Warm mist humidifiers need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Central humidifiers humidify the whole house, not just a room. They are built into your HVAC system. There are different kinds of humidifiers available to be set up as a stand-alone unit. People used to a dry climate all year long often include it with their ventilation and ducting system, and this usually attaches to an intake or outflow point somewhere so this requires a professional installation. Choosing any of these humidifiers for your home will add moisture to the air.
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