Aged barn with older HVAC

Sue has been known to be an entrepreneur.

She recently inherited a particularly giant farm with a barn on the property.

The barn actually had not been used in decades, other than for storage of nasty old hay and tractors. The barn had a fairly attractive beach house and even a full study room installing it. The barn did not have air conditioner installed, however. Sue did not mind this for herself, but she decided to rent the barn out to local people for parties and anniversaries and knew that she would desperately need to have some kind of air conditioner put inFor those purposes. Instead of having an entire air conditioning system system professionally installed in the barn, she opted for utilizing portable air conditioning system units. She was able to afford 2 of them for the space. One for the study room and 1 for the dining room. In the Winter months, she would simply switch out the portable a/c equipment for a standing oil furnace so that the guests would be comfortable. Sue ended up being really successful with this rental service and even got married in the barn. She was eventually able to quit her job and use her earnings from the local barn events to make a good residing income. She and her partner loved to chat with the renters and truly were amazing hosts! Eventually, they were able to expand the large barn and add an additional study room and bathroom. They often still use the portable air conditioning system and portable gas heating systems to efficiently heat and cool the barn. They know that it goes along with the rustic aesthetic that the barn already has.


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