Air Conditioning is Not a Worldwide Necessity

I live in the southeastern portion of our country, and I love it, but I also love other areas.

For example, the priest at our church came here from the midwest, and every time I see photos of that place, I long to go live there.

He insists that it isn’t hot and humid. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live somewhere where it isn’t hot and humid. He said the majority of people do not even have air conditioning in their homes, which I found shocking! Of course, everyone has a basement for the ever-present threat of tornadoes, and everyone has a powerful furnace for those snowy winters, but no a/c. And it’s not just our midwesterners, either. I made my first trip outside of the country a few years back, and even though I went somewhere that is just as hot as here, I discovered the same thing – hardly anyone had air conditioning! The people are not nearly as affluent as we are here in this country, so the only folks who seemed to have a/c were the expats and the tourists. Stores and restaurants that cater to the tourists also saw the need to get a/c, and they generally had it, as well. Of course, most of us wouldn’t go to a restaurant without a/c when it is ninety degrees outside, but the native peoples had no problem with it at all. Even the places that did have air conditioning tended not to have central air conditioning.Instead, they used mini split a/c units, and in all reality, I prefer that kind of a/c. It is so much simpler to install and requires no ductwork.
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