Allergies will be better this spring thanks to HVAC

This is the time of year when I cringe a bit.

While I love the wintertime where I live, it’s coming to a close.

I can see evidence of this everyday on the hood of my car. Where I live, we don’t have to deal with all the snow, ice and freezing temps that our neighbors to the north have to endure with the help of a good HVAC heating method. Indeed, the winter is a beautiful time of year with lots of blue skies, decent temperatures and lots of sun. But like I said, I can see that my winter is coming to a close when the pollen starts showing up on the hood of my car. Things are beginning to green up a bit. And this normally makes me quite nervous given how bad I suffer from seasonal allergies. This time of year is usually spent stocking up on allergy meds. But thanks to a new HVAC upgrade, that won’t be the case this year. The HVAC company we use just installed a whole house air purifier inside the HVAC air handler. The beauty part of this is that the whole house purifier will make short work of the airborne allergens in my indoor air. While I’ll still need to be careful when I’m outside, being inside will be a total refuge from pollen and other allergens. That’s because the whole house air purifier actually destroys the DNA of pollen and other airborne contaminants. I mean they are gone. So, I’ll be breathing much easier this spring. And that allows me to simply enjoy the end of winter and even look a bit forward to the coming spring.


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