And he really tried to warm things up

Guys can be honestly obnoxious and disgusting when they are going through puberty & horny. A few months ago I was dating a guy for about six or seven weeks. I like to take things slow, but we were really getting along. We decided to go on a ski trip for the weekend, even though I staunchly insisted that the people I was with and I rent a place with completely separate rooms. I did not want to feel pressured to do anything with this boy except have a honestly nice time throughout the long weekend. My bestie & I drove up to the mountains & I was very honestly impressed by the nice place that he rented for the trip. It was a small & cute little place on the side of a mountain. There was a gas furnace in the apartment & a super small fireplace in the middle of the home. My dude & I spent most of the day snowboarding at the ski cabin. Whenever the man I was with and I returned back to the apartment in the evening, I happily hopped in the shower first. When I came out of the shower, I quickly noticed that it was starting to get cold indoors. My guy got in the shower next, by the time he came out, it was almost bitterly cold inside of the cabin. I asked him to check on that heating system & to make sure that the furnace was running properly. He told myself and others that the furnace was broken & it seemed we needed to sleep in the same bed to stay warm. As soon as he mentioned sleeping in the same bed, I took a step towards the heater. When I started to approach the control unit, my soon-to-be-ex admitted that he turned it off.



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