Animal abuse is sick and wrong

I’ve never thought that any kind of animal testing for products was okay.

  • I was really mad at some of my friends when I was young.

They actually got these window A/C units from a dumpster and fixed them up. That was not the problem, the issue was that they wanted to test the window A/C units on their pet gerbils. The gerbils were in those cages with the little metal bars, so they decided to put the cage up to the window A/C unit so the gerbils would be able to cool off. At least that is what they said. When I saw the gerbils looking like they were freezing, I told them to stop it right away. They asked me how I knew the gerbils were too cold, and I said they were huddled up together and it looked like they were shivering. It was true too, as soon as the gerbils were away from the window A/C unit, they were able to relax and warm back up again. They remained huddled together for quite some time, but eventually they seemed to be happy again and were running around the cage. It annoys me all the time whenever I see any kind of animal abuse or animal testing. If there are any products that use animals for their testing, I won’t even buy those products! I especially feel so bad for dogs that are tied up and left outside. If I ever see anything like that happening, I make sure to report that kind of thing to the authorities right away and I hope those pet owners end up in jail. You don’t mess with animals!

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