Been having trouble keeping up with the HVAC chores

I don’t even feel that I completely get things done any longer. That’s such a difficult truth to come to terms with for me. I have always had a great deal of pride in a job well done. Whether it’s my work or a hobby or any activity for that matter, I always care about making the maximum effort and doing it all the way. That’s the way I was raised and the way I have lived my life over the years. Knowing that a job or whatever was done the proper way always made those moments of relaxation in the Heating and Air Conditioning incredibly sweeter. That just doesn’t seem to be achievable for me nowadays. Life is just so full of things requiring some level of my attention that feels like putting out fires. No matter what the plan for the day happens to be, I end up prioritizing those plans in order just to get to them all. And that essentially means that I do all of them less than completely. I see this actual issue all the time. Like with my Heating and Air Conditioning equipment, I just am not getting to it the way I should be. In my home, I am the person who is responsible for the Heating and Air Conditioning works. That means the semi annual Heating and Air Conditioning service appointments are fully my responsibility. This also goes for the Heating and Air Conditioning air filter change and making sure the air vents are unjammed and the Heating and Air Conditioning cabinet outside is 100% free of debris. Even with my lists, I just am honestly not hitting these Heating and Air Conditioning responsibilities the way I need to be. Something has to change or I’m going to easily begin missing out on more than the Heating and Air Conditioning accountability alone.

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