Cell phones are a distraction

I couldn’t believe it when our school started allowing students to bring their cell phones to class.

I kept thinking about all of the distractions that come with having cell phones in the class.

I didn’t have to think very long. As the instructor stood at the front of the class, I watched as kids started texting. Some of them were even doing shopping and just surfing the net. I knew that the reasoning behind allowing cell phones in the classroom was so that people with families would be able to keep in touch with their children. There were a lot of adults in this class and if there was an emergency, their children would be able to get in touch with them. Right now, we were in the middle of a heat wave. I didn’t mind being in school because there was air conditioning here. My air conditioning wasn’t working well at home and I knew that it was going to be almost a week until the HVAC company could come out and look at my AC unit. My friend sat next to me and she was looking at portable air conditioners while the instructor was ging a lecture. She came across a portable air conditioner that was in a local store and that wasn’t very expensive. She showed me the ad and it said it was on sale and they were open even after class. I told her I would have to go down there after school. I got in trouble for talking while she was giving a lecture.


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