Cell phones in class are rather distracting

Recently in school, they started letting students keep their cell phones with them in class.

This was interesting because to me it seems very distracting for students to be playing around on their cell phones when the teacher is trying to go over different lessons.

I know this annoys the teachers, but evidently, they are not allowed to tell us not to use our cell phones now. It was because they said that the parents need to be able to get in contact with their children during any case of emergency so we need to be able to have our cell phones with us at all times. I don’t think they considered the abuse of this cell phone rule though. I see people watching stupid videos instead of paying attention in class and ultimately, I think people might get worse grades because of this. A friend of mine was actually looking at something very interesting though. He showed me these really cool portable HVAC machines that had both heating and cooling functions. For the cooling, you had to put a line out the window, but the heating part was great because you could have it anywhere for your heating purposes. When I was talking about how amazing that HVAC machine was and that I wanted to get one, the teacher threatened to send me to detention if I kept talking. Here I was thinking the whole cell phone privilege was being abused, and I was a part of it talking with my friend about something on her cell phone. They probably should just have us leave our cell phones in our backpacks or pockets so we all pay attention in class.


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