Charity Worked Both Ways This Time

That was the only way she would take the money

My sister just told me a story about how a while ago she ran into an old friend of hers who was living on the street after a drug addiction led her to lose her job and a place to live. This girl had finally gotten off drugs but could not get her job back. She had been an HVAC technician. My sister ended up offering this girl a place to stay in return for looking at my sisters own HVAC system, because it needed a lot of improvement and repairs. She had been having major problems, especially when it was really hot. My sister said she knew the girl pretty well many years ago, and the girl obviously knew a lot about HVAC stuff. I still thought it was pretty crazy. But my sister said the girl was so grateful. The next morning the girl who had been an HVAC technician looked over my sister’s system and told her what she thought she needed done. Over the next 2 weeks, my sister, her husband and this girl cleaned the air-ducts, by renting the same kind of tool that actual HVAC companies use to clean ducts, checked the duct system for holes, and did other minor and even major upgrades and fixes to the system. After about 2 weeks my sister and her husband put together a huge cash reward for this girl, who refused to take it! My sister said it took some convincing, but the girl finally did take it. They agreed that she would come back to do any maintenance on the HVAC system if it was needed. That was the only way she would take the money. She stayed another almost 2 weeks, then moved out. She is again working for an HVAC company. Talk about a happy ending!

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