Climate controlled camping is fun

I have never honestly liked camping much.

Bugs as well as no temperature control are just not for me; My hubby, on the other hand, enjoys to go camping.

He as well as the adolescents camp almost every month as well as they have a good time. I have a good time at home, meanwhile. A month ago, our hubby informed me that his family reunion was going to be a camping reunion in another state. I wanted to see the family even though I couldn’t see living without a/c for a whole week. My hubby said he would suppose up a solution. Sure enough, he did. He rented a travel trailer for the week. The travel trailer has two cooling systems, a toilet, as well as enough beds for the 4 of us. I admit, I still had our reservations about camping even though I decided to go along anyway since at least I would have temperature control. It turned out to be a blast. The whole family had a good time as well as am starting to wonder (for the first time) what I have been missing out on all those times I’ve declined to go camping. True, having a trailer with a/c was the deciding factor. I still am not willing to sleep on the ground with no temperature control. However, I am open to renting a trailer a few times a year so that the people I was with and I can all go camping as a family. It was fun to watch the adolescents running as well as playing outside as well as then for me to go inside as well as cool off near the A/C vent for an hour or two before more outdoor activities.

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