Combination of boiler and water heater

One of the best investments our husband and I have made was buying a combi-boiler for our house… All of us needed to replace the old boiler and consulted with a local HVAC supplier for a recommendation! The supplier told us about a system that combines a condensing tankless water gas furnace with a boiler system.

This all-in-one device offers a compact design that takes up 71% less space than a conventional floor resting boiler and a tank-style water heater… Despite the small size, this system is seriously powerful, then it absolutely handles the heating demands of our entire house.

It also fulfills our domestic sizzling water needs. The combi-boiler is attractively clean, quiet and energy efficient. All of us care about instant sizzling water separate from needing to wait for water to heat up and the two of us never run short, however we’re able to take a shower, run the dishwasher and the washing device all at the same time with no shortage. At the same time, the two of us maintain every room at the perfect temperature all Winter time long, even when the outside temperature dips down into the downside digits, our family is warm and cozy inside… Plus, the two of us set up the boiler to supply zone control, but separate control units in each room allow us to customize the temperature. All of us also paid a bit extra so that we’re able to access our new combination boiler through our smartphones. All of us can make adjustments to room temperature settings and the temperature of our sizzling water supply while also receiving diagnostic notifications and consumption information. While the purchase price and cost of installation was rather extravagant, the energy savings every month are abruptly helping to reclaim the investment. All of us couldn’t be happier with the system.

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