Everybody was thankful for the implementation of the corporate wellness program

I was really big into weight lifting when I was younger.

This was mostly in high school as I got into weight lifting ever since I was a freshman.

I wasn’t even a jock or anything, I didn’t play any serious sports. I did play the occasion street basketball or some pick up games of football, but I never got into sports on a serious level. Weight lifting was nice though because I always felt so pumped up and strong. I was able to really build and tone my muscles, but eventually I fell off when I started going to college. I just spent more time focusing on my studies instead of other things like paying attention to my health and physical fitness. When I started working a regular career, I felt like I never really had time for a gym membership or even any sort of group physical training classes. Eventually, some buddies of mine at work were really excited and they were talking about this new corporate wellness center that was implemented recently into the work environment. Before I knew it, we had a personal trainer on-site and everybody was rushing to sign up for the classes. They guaranteed that everybody would be allowed to get time with a personal trainer, so not to be worried about signing up too late. I guess they wanted to play it by ear to see if they needed additional personal trainers. Honestly, I can only think of a handful of people who decided not to enjoy the corporate wellness program. I don’t really know their reasons, but I guess not everybody cares so much about their physical health. I thought it was the perfect break from our daily work, and I loved the nutritional counseling and regular physical fitness classes.

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