Get it early

The local heating & a/c company was offering a once in a lifetime offer! It was almost too darn great to be true! They sent out a bunch of flyers to all their purchasers offering free air duct & ductwork cleaning for the next week! This was some kind of holiday special they were doing to their loyal & dedicated purchasers… They made a point to say get it while you can! It was made absolutely clear that this would be an offer they would never offer again… I am 1 woman who took fortune of this once in a lifetime offer to get both my air ducts & ductwork cleaned for next to nothing.

There was 1 hidden fee, but it wasn’t too terrible at all. That was just the fee for the travel to the location they would be doing the air duct & ductwork cleaning at, however because I happened to live pretty close to the heating & a/c company it only had costed me 10 dollars. That’s 10 bucks for something that would have usually costed me a few hundred bucks! They were not kidding when they said to get it while you can! If you happen to know the local heating & a/c company I am talking about, if you have not yet jumped on this appealing superb offer, get on it instantly! The offer ends right before Christmas day! They will even do this on Christmas eve if you can schedule the air duct & ductwork cleaning early enough in the week!

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