Get yourself a good rat hunter

As a highly sought after Heating, Ventilation, & A/C dealer, I often find that pests are the unfortunate problem with heating & equipment that is supposedly broken. I’ve seen rodents all the way through electrical wires & completely disfigured HVAC ducts beyond repair. I’ve seen a lot of bees & hornets nests inside of old school outdoor AC units. I’ve seen ants make a nest inside of AC units & I have seen a family of mice reproducing behind a furnace, and still, nothing prepared myself and others for the sight that occurred last week. I was tied up to check on an AC noise. The client called and claimed that she could hear a squeaking sound coming from behind the family AC unit. This could be almost anything. Occasionally that can be a sign of belts that are wearing too thin and need replacement or that need to be oiled or affixed. When I took the rusty AC component apart, I was flabbergasted to see a huge writhing mouse infestation. I must have viewed three hundred mice running from the area. They scattered in all areas, including back into the HVAC duct. I couldn’t understand how the client did not hear any other noises throughout the house at night. After all, the mice had access to most of the HVAC duct in the attic. I can’t even begin to do anything for any AC problem until all of the mice are cleared. I hope they get a great exterminator or a hungry cat before they try calling another HVAC technician for help.

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