Good Deed And HVAC Help Combo

It was like having my own personal Heating and Air Conditioning technician

A little while ago I ran into somebody I knew from school who said he was living on the street! He was desperate for help saying he would work for food. I was shocked. I knew the guy a fair bit from school. He told me that since school he had become a Heating and Air Conditioning technician, but then he got into a heavy addiction problems with drugs, after getting pain pills after an injury Soon he lost his job, then his house and now was on the streets. I felt terrible for him, and I also was having Heating and Air Conditioning problems myself. I asked him a few HVAC questions, and it was obvious he knew what he was talking about. He said he’d love to help fix my HVAC problems. I decided to let him help me with our Heating and Air Conditioning problems as well as in turn I would provide him a location to stay temporarily. He was so thankful for the opportunity. I warned him that I couldn’t pay him instantly, but he was just thankful for having a roof over his head as well as food to eat. He was true to his word as well, because he knew all about working on heating and cooling systems. He helped me wash the air duct. I rented the tools for a good price that he recommended that was just like the vacuum tools the proper Heating and Air Conditioning companies use. We were able to get so much dirt as well as debris out of the air duct, it was actually pretty gross.I forgot to take before and after pictures, but there was so much dirt in the ducts it was crazy. He provided tips on various smaller updates and other Heating and Air Conditioning tune-ups as well. It was like having my own personal Heating and Air Conditioning technician. In the end I was able to save up and paid him what we both agreed was a fair wage for all the help, and he was able to get back on his feet as a result. So it worked out really well for us both!


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