He picked an odd way to test the portable heater

My best friend bought a portable space heater a couple of weeks ago. He said he wanted to make sure it was going to work when he needed it in the winter. A couple days later, he called and asked if I wanted to go to an end of summer beach party with him. He said there was going to be a lot of food and some music. We couldn’t wait to go. When we got to the beach, we all gathered up some driftwood and got a fire blazing. My friend showed me that he had brought his space heater with him. He showed me that the portable space heater worked on solar power as well as with an electrical cord. He had left the space heater sitting out in the sun the entire time we were on the beach. I couldn’t believe that he had hidden it behind a rock while we were waiting for the night time to fall. When the fire was blazing, we realized that it was really hot near the flames. The band was playing quite a distance away and there were torches lit for those who wanted to dance. My friend drug me back behind the rocks so he could show me how well the portable heater worked. I was shocked to feel how comfortable it was back there. There was a cold wind coming off the ocean and yet I felt warm and cozy with the space heater. He said the space heater would run for six hours on a full charge and he kissed me for the very first time.
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