Heat pumps are perfect in regions where winter is not severe

There really isn’t too much that I don’t like about where I live.

We are far enough south that we get tons of sunshine through the winter and enjoy mostly mild temperatures.

That is much different than a period of my life where I lived much further north. That winter was a menace and went on for it seemed like most of the year. The HVAC furnace was something that I had to lean on each and every winter. I was very careful to make sure the HVAC furnace was in prime condition prior to the bottom falling out of the thermometer. We were lucky to have never suffered a furnace failure during our stretch up north. Our situation is, of course, much different now. I couldn’t be more pleased to trade that trusty furnace for the heat pump to heat and cool our home. The heat pump is for sure the best choice for this area primarily for the HVAC cooling. Our summers get quite intensely hot for about 4 months in a row. The HVAC heat pump does a super and efficient job of keeping our house cool during heat that hovers around triple digits. Nonetheless, the heat pump still gets quite a work out. It’s on by mid spring and doesn’t really go off until around October. This is when I make sure that it gets properly serviced by HVAC professionals. But once the temps drop enough around the holidays, the heat pump makes an instant transition to heating the house. And, it is far more than adequate at heating our home. It does a great job of keeping us cozy on the nights that get a bit more than chilly.



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