How to install a ductless air conditioner

If you love installing things themselves and are more of a DIY individual, then installing a ductless air conditioner in your own home sounds like a significant challenge.

Fortunately, this is a project any person can undertake as long as they are willing to put in the work. It is not as complex or taxing as many people assume, as long as you have background knowledge in HVAC systems or are a quick learner. However, you need to be quite handy to deal with the process since it can be overwhelming for newbies. While it is not necessarily technical, there is a need to have essential heating and cooling knowledge since you will be dealing with electric processes. Once you get the material right, gather your tools and get to work. First, you need to install the brackets by mounting the evaporator on the inside room from the external wall that faces away from the sun, dust sources, and entryways. Ensure there is no interference of wires, plumbing pipes, and other ducts likely to affect the hole needed for the line set. Drill your pilot hole, ensuring it slants slightly downwards towards the outside. Bore the hole’s full size and run the line set. Go ahead and install the evaporator and them, followed by the condenser. Once these two are set up, work on connecting the refrigerant lines and finally cover the line set. When everything is done right, the system will work as expected. The indoor evaporator will cool the air while the outside condenser will dissipate the warm air, completing the air conditioning cycle. The unit should have cable power to the evaporator and a drain line carrying the condensation outdoors. Call an HVAC technician when stuck.


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