HVAC technician school

Starting a new career can be nerve wracking. Some people don’t know what they want to do for a career until much later in life. With all of the jobs out there, there is something for everyone. Finding the perfect job can be hard and take years of trial and error. Sometimes, people never find the perfect job and work in jobs that they don’t even enjoy their entire life. That was not the case for Frank. From a young age, Frank always knew that he wanted to work in the HVAC industry. The HVAC industry was something that his father, brothers and uncles all experienced. Frank grew up hearing the HVAC lingo and listening to the men in his family problem solve on the weekends. Eventually, they started their own HVAC company and let the men of the family run the business. They were so excited to start their own HVAC company. In hindsight, Frank probably should have started HVAC school at a much younger age. Frank did not realise that the HVAC industry was where he belonged until one night at the restaurant he was working in, the AC went out. It was one of the busiest nights of the year and the AC going out was the worst thing that could have happened. The owner of the restaurant called an HVAC repair company on a Saturday night in a panic. Of course, they could not help him . Frank decided that he would take a look at the HVAC system and try to figure it out on his own. After 20 minutes in the attic, the AC was blowing cold air again. Frank was the hero of the evening!


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