I can never say no when my daughter asks for something

My daughter has these intense green eyes and she usually can get whatever she wants.

My wife is always complaining that we spoil her too much, but who could say no when she gives you those looks? It was a few years back when I got her a nice window A/C unit for her bedroom.

She was asking very nicely if she could have something like that. My wife was saying that she didn’t need anything like that because we already had a central HVAC machine. My daughter was saying that it would get really hot in her room all the time because it was upstairs even if the temperature control settings had the A/C cranked up high. She gave me that look with those intense eyes and I couldn’t find it in me to say no to her. My wife was disappointed but I didn’t care, I ended up getting her a really nice window A/C unit that would last her for a long period of time. I didn’t want her to be roasting to death in her room. It wasn’t her fault that her room was upstairs and ours was downstairs where it actually was comfortable. When I went up there to install the new window A/C unit, she was right, the room was far too overheated. I felt bad that it was like that for her and I didn’t even realize it until she said something about it. Her reaction after the installation made it entirely worth the effort. She even made me a thank you card with a picture of me and her installing the window A/C unit. I love her to death.

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