I can only use my old space heating machine for supplemental heat

I have typically made great efforts to make as much as I can with whatever little I can afford to own.

My tiny studio apartment was basically my haven for more than seven years, despite the small oven plus range, dishwasher, plus laundry station. It was pretty much everything I needed when I was still alone plus truly working overtime hours at my place of work. Eventually I met my fiance, plus I started looking for current accommodations after we had been dating for several months. My studio wasn’t actually impossible for several people, but it started to feel a great deal like a college dorm room. Although I chose to buy current furniture when I secured our current residence, there were a bunch of things from my studio that I brought with me. My bedding wasn’t going to fit on our current queen sized bed, but the throws plus blankets could be repurposed for the sofa couch plus recliner chair in the living room environment. I also decided to bring some of my appliances plus electronics, such as my KitchenAid mixer, my TVs, plus my space heater. It becomes ice-cold here in the Winter season months. You cannot reasonably get by without some source of indoor heat. While living in a studio apartment, I had little space to actually heat with a furnace, so a small space oil furnace was sufficient enough to get the temperature to stay above 60 degrees. I figured that I could probably get half of our residence hot with the old space heater, but in reality all I can manage to actually heat with this old appliance is the dining room. I believe I’ll keep it for supplemental use in the dining room, but I’m going to need an official oil furnace quickly.


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