I can’t believe my classes are so hard

When I first signed up to get my HVAC certification, I honestly believed that all of the classes were going to be easy.

I always did really well in school and I never really had to study all that much to get a great report card.

That was all through elementary and high school. I just thought that I was a real smarty pants who didn’t have to ever crack a book to get good grades. However, when I signed up to go back to school at our local technical college to get my HVAC certification, I learned some things the hard way! It turned out that even though I was pretty smart about some things, I had no idea about things like heater maintenance, air conditioner maintenance, or new HVAC technology. When our HVAC class instructor would talk about heating technology, I would just zone out and feel like a complete idiot during class. I thought that I would be able to get more out of the book and just catch up at home on all of the stuff that we covered in class, but the heating and cooling classes were just too hard for me. I could not believe that I was flunking out of my HVAC certification course because I had never failed at anything in my life! It was a real eye opener for me that some people have the knack for HVAC work and some people don’t. Unfortunately for me, I learned the hard way that I am definitely not meant to be a heating and cooling technician.

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