I can’t keep living like this

I recently let my sibling come into my apartment, because I found out he broke up with his lady and he wanted to transport back home with my parents.

Too bad, they were getting ready to go on a trip and they didn’t want to leave my sibling by himself in the house.

They had a long history with my sibling and I understood exactly why they didn’t want to let him transport back home. I couldn’t let the guy continually live in his car, so I agreed to let him transport into my apartment for shelter. I have lived on my own for the past 3 years and I was happy living like that, all by myself. It has taken some big adjustments to get used to my sibling regularly being here. The worst part about him moving into the apartment is the horrible fact that he has the stinkiest socks in the world. My sibling works as an HVAC certified instructor and his socks and shoes are consistently wet from repair demos. They have the worst aroma; When my sibling puts his gross-ass socks and shoes by the heater, the whole room smells like sweat, butt, and body aroma. The hot and dry air from the furnace helps dry them out much more abruptly, however it smells up the house. Worst of all, he puts them next to the furnace right in the family room. I can’t take this heating nightmare anymore. Hopefully my sibling will only be here for a short time and after he leaves, I will not have to put up with the nasty smell ever again.

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