I couldn’t find the right air filters

The other night, my dad came over so that he could do the regular maintenance work on the HVAC system in my house for me.

He always does it for me because he’s a really handy guy who knows how to fix just about anything.

He always says that he will do the maintenance work on my heating and cooling system just so I can save money on any HVAC repair bills. It’s really nice of him, and he is a great dad who just wants to always take care of me whenever he can. I love that about him and I hope that someday I will end up marrying a man just like him! Well, the other day when he came over to do the heating and air conditioning maintenance work for me, he forgot to bring an air filter with him. He had all of the tools that he needed with him, but he just didn’t have a new air filter. To save time, he told me to run to the store and get an air filter while he got started on everything else. Well, I thought that this would be an easy way for me to help him, but it wasn’t! Once I got to the hardware store, I was shocked by how many different kinds of air filters there actually were on the aisle with all of the heating and cooling supplies. I had no idea which one to get and the guy who was working on the HVAC aisle was not helpful at all. I ended up buying three different ones just to make sure that I got one that would work.

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