I don’t know why my heating bill is so high this month

My heating bill is almost twice the amount that it was last month, even though the thermostat has been set at the same temperature since the onset of winter.

I usually set the thermostat at one temperature and just leave it there all through the winter, because I read an article that said doing that saves you money. I think normally that’s true, but I’ve been having some trouble with my furnace recently and I think that’s making the heating bill go up exponentially. I don’t know exactly what the trouble is with the furnace, because I’m not exactly an HVAC professional. I actually have no clue how to check my furnace to see what the issue is. That’s why I called my local HVAC company and made an appointment to have someone come out and check out my heating system for me. I hate the fact that I’m going to have to pay double the amount of my regular heating bill this month, but I guess what’s done is done. Hopefully, when the HVAC technician comes to my house, he will be able to tell what the problem is and it will be a cheap fix. With all of the extra cost of the heating bill, I’m not going to have a lot of extra money to pay for any furnace repairs. Maybe it will just be something minor and it won’t cost a lot to repair. At least that’s what I’m hoping for. I would really like for my furnace to run like it’s supposed to and I would love to have a warm cozy house for the winter!


a/c representative