I don’t love having to spend time in a hospital

I truly didn’t guess how uncomfortable it is in a hospital until I had to spend a few weeks healing in 1.

I ended up breaking our leg and I had to stay there in the hospital with pain medicine and unbearable temperature control settings.

It didn’t truly matter how much I pleaded with the healthcare workers to adjust the temperature control settings, they still kept the A/C plan cranked up to uncomfortable levels. They claimed this was to prevent the spread of germs which I am still skeptical about. I was shivering all the time while being in the hospital, but I was truly ecstatic when I was finally able to leave. I couldn’t get out of that hospital fast enough to be honest… When I finally was able to relax without the A/C plan overpowering, I felt love I could actually think and prefer life for a change. Ever since that time, I have been especially careful not to get any serious injuries that would ever bring me back to the hospital. I never want to go through such torture with the a/c plan cold me slowly to death. I guess love that is some form of torture or at least cruel and uncorrect punishment. I have spoken to some friends who went through similar experiences and all of us agree that every one of us can’t stand being in the hospital for actually long. I wish they would change their rules and have normal temperature control settings for a change. I think that’s something that would actually be beneficial to everybody, for everybody’s comfort.

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