I found out about boilers on social media

The other day when I was scrolling along through my social media pages, I noticed that one of my friends was asking about boilers and whether or not they are a good primary source of heating for a home.

I guess she was in the market for a new heating system for their house or something like that.

She said that she needed someone who knew all about boilers to come out and do a boiler installation in her house. Of course, I don’t know a single thing about boiler systems. As a matter of fact, I’ve always felt a little bit intimidated and scared by boiler heating systems. They just seem like an accident that’s waiting to happen to me. I mean, it seems like something that’s actually called a boiler is going to be full of boiling hot water which could probably explode and scald you and your family to death. I don’t even like the name of this type of heating system, much less the thoughts of having one installed in my house to provide heating to my family. I guess there are steam boilers that you can use as heating systems, but that just sounds terrifying to me. I don’t know if my friend was able to get a new boiler installed in her house or not. But if she did, I don’t think that I’ll go over there and hang out during the winter any more! With the luck that I have lately, her boiler would malfunction while I was there and I would get blown sky high.

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