I get to keep the stage cool with the HVAC for the dancers

I’ve constantly had a thing for dancers.

I suppose it was growing up watching the outdated Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies, they were always able to light a screen basically like nobody else.

The concerning thing is that I am not good at dancing in the least. I’ve never been fantastic at it, and I am resigned to that fact. Still, I was hoping to be around dancing, and dancers, so I made an attempt to find a way to put myself in that same orbit. I didn’t want to be some sort of creeper, hanging out in the shadows, I needed to find a decent job that put me easily on the spot. My answer ended up being Heating and Air Conditioning repair, which eventually landed me my dream work of being the facilities manager at a dance studio. It’s a pretty huge site, they offer classes each morning and put on weekly dance shows which is fantastic. They have a fairly sizable Heating and Air Conditioning system in the building. It took a fairly long while for it to hit me that for all these dancers to be up on stage performing under the blazing hot lights, they would need fantastic cooling equipment! As a Heating and Air Conditioning guy I have a way to help these dancers perform their best, and entirely be a member of the team, sort of. I am able to do this by making sure the stage constantly has the best temperature control settings. It honestly allows the dancers to focus on their craft. It really is a good thing that I’m fantastic enough at my work that I can manage the cooling equipment and still have plenty of time to watch the dancers practice. The entire reason I got this work in the first place was to be around the dancing!


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