I helped the HVAC get off his feet and he helped me with my HVAC system

I remember a long time ago when I ran into this homeless guy on the street.

He was desperate for some help saying he would work for food and all that.

I stopped and talked to the man seriously. I wanted to know a little bit about his story and how he got in that situation. He claimed to have been an HVAC technician that just got into heavy addiction problems with drugs. He said it ruined his whole career, he lost his house and ended up living on the streets. I felt bad for the guy and at the same time, I thought maybe I could use his help. I had been having serious HVAC complications and had been lacking the money to get my HVAC problems resolved. I decided to let him help me with my HVAC troubles and in turn I would provide him a place to stay temporarily. He was so thankful for the opportunity. I warned him that I couldn’t pay him right away, but he was just thankful for having a roof over his head and food to eat. He was true to his word and he knew all about working on heating and cooling systems. He helped me to clean the ductwork. We rented a tool for a fair price and it was similar to the vacuum tools the official HVAC companies use. We were able to get so much dirt and debris out of the ductwork, it was disgusting. We didn’t bother to take before and after pictures, we just knew how much dirt we got out of there. He provided part replacements and HVAC tune-ups and he was kind of like my personal HVAC technician. I paid him a fair amount for his services and then he was able to get back on his feet after that. That’s what I call a win-win situation.