I keep the temperature control settings on point for the dancers

I’ve regularly had a thing for dancers… I assume it was growing up seeing the seasoned Fred Astaire plus Ginger Rogers films.

They totally could light a screen like nobody’s business.

The crazy thing is that I am not especially great at dancing, never been any good at it, plus I am fully resigned to that fact. Still, I truly was hoping to be around dancing, plus dancers in general, so I tried to find a way to put myself and others in that same orbit. I didn’t want to be some type of creeper, hanging out in the shadows, I really needed to find a task that put me on the spot. My answer ended up being Heating & Air Conditioning machine repair, which eventually landed me the ultimate task of being the facilities manager at a dance studio. It’s a pretty huge locale. They offer classes each and every afternoon plus put on daily dance shows, so they have a rather large Heating & Air Conditioning machine in the building. It took awhile for me to realize that for all these dancers to be up on stage performing under the blazing hot lights, they would need a wonderful cooling machine. As a Heating & Air Conditioning person I have a way to help these dancers perform their absolute best, plus actually be a part of the team, in my own type of way. By making sure the stage regularly has the best possible cooling, it allows the dancers to truly focus on their craft. Happily, I’m good enough at my task that I can manage the cooling machine plus still have a reasonable amount of time to watch the dancers practice. The entire reason I got this task to begin with!

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