I learned my lesson the first time

The piece of our job that is the hardest to deal with is how often I have to move.

I rarely am ever in one place for more than a few years before it’s on to another hotel or resort to manage.

This is normal in the hospitality industry but it does wear on me after all these years. My latest transfer has come with a crucial promotion. I am now functioning as the regional manager of operations for the hotel group I work for. The promotion is nice for sure, although I had to transfer to distant northern reaches of the country. I hate the cold. I was going somewhere all of a sudden that the HVAC heating is on for more than several long months in a row. Having been raised in the South, I honestly just have the worst time getting comfortable with snow, ice and daily cold temps. Knowing this, I made sure that every one of us found a well insulated house with a genuinely great HVAC system. The last time I lived up north, I remember it was a freezing nightmare. I knew nothing about HVAC back then, other than having a heat pump most of our life. I was honestly completely ignorant about gas furnaces, modern boilers and other HVAC heating methods used up north. This mistake led me to falling prey to a poorly trained handy person supposedly taking care of our HVAC. The guy I hired at first was nice enough and knew the lake house inside and out. It was great having him around the place to do stuff that I wasn’t able to do because I traveled for work so much. However, this guy was in no way an official HVAC specialist. This led to one of the coldest years of our life.

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