I liked the HVAC technician the best at career day

I was really excited when we had career day at school.

I learned a lot of cool things about all kinds of different careers like being a Police Officer, a Firefighter, and even an HVAC technician.

I honestly was intrigued by the work of the HVAC technician. It’s interesting because all of these professionals are out there saving people’s lives. The thing about being a Police officer is the fact that you are dealing with all kinds of crooks and bad guys who can kill you. As a firefighter, you have to brave the flames and sometimes you have to try to save people from a smoke-filled home that is on fire and that is extremely dangerous. It’s great to be a hero, but I don’t want to risk my life necessarily in the process. This is why being an HVAC technician seems so appealing to me. Oftentimes, people have their HVAC systems break down on them and they are put in a crisis. If there is a heatwave for example, those poor people run the risk of suffering from heat strokes and they could pass out from the exhausting heat. As an HVAC technician, I could go to their rescue by repairing their cooling system, and they would be so thankful. It’s even more serious during the winter season when people have their heating system break down on them. Without an HVAC technician to come out to their rescue, they would certainly freeze to death. I was very impressed by the stories I heard from the HVAC technician and I also like the fact that you can make good money in that career.

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