I love the climate in the city where I live. The weather is almost perfect all year round. The only time the weather really gets bad is when it rains outside and that is inevitable. We never really get cold weather which is awesome because I hate being cold more than anything. Typically the weather is around seventy degrees everyday and sometimes it gets a little bit colder in the winter. I don’t want to have to pay for a heating system in my house because I don’t really feel like I would use it enough to pay for the maintenance on the heating system. So I did some research on ways to heat your home without having to have a heating system installed. The first article I read about heating your home suggested that you purchase a few space heaters to warm up the house and then store then when they aren’t in use. I loved this idea because space heaters aren’t very expensive and you can purchase one for each room and really control the temperature. The only thing I am nervous about having the space heaters is the fire hazard that they bring. I am going to have to watch them closely and try not to leave them in a room without someone watching. I have heard horror stories about people leaving their space heaters turn on and burning down their entire house. I hope that if I can keep a close eye on the space heaters then that won’t happen to me.

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