I love working in HVAC

I’ve been an Heating and Air Conditioning professional for our whole adult life.

I’ve really enjoyed my job working as an Heating and Air Conditioning professional and the Heating and Air Conditioning business that I task for is top rate! I enjoy the mechanical aspects of repairing, replacing and installing a/cs and furnaces along with an entire host of other things that people might not think that Heating and Air Conditioning professionals do on a yearly basis.

I think that I need to say, however, even in light of now working for a fantastic Heating and Air Conditioning company and just enjoying the Heating and Air Conditioning professional work, I tend to get the most joy from the people. My Heating and Air Conditioning business operates in several counties but even in that I find that I get to think of the men and women whose heating and cooling I service. There’s one person who is unique because, while I hate to hear she’s having Heating and Air Conditioning concerns, I love doing the task for her. She’s about 74 years of age and he is always so polite. No matter what the issue, whether it be his regular air duct cleanings or complete furnace replacement, he always has a fresh batch of chocolate chip brownies waiting for me. I can recall the first time I came to service his furnace he asked myself and others what kind of cookies I was loving. I didn’t feel anything about it at the time, but when I came back multiple weeks later to disinfect his air ducts, he had a whole plate of cookies and glass of milk waiting for me. It’s a fantastic thing I don’t have to go there too often, or my Heating and Air Conditioning business would have to pay a lot of money to get a larger uniform for myself and others every year!

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