I need a new oil furnace for my family room

I love our house, but it seems love I have been finding more a more concerns with it.

I guess the longer that you live in one locale, the more you will find the troubles with it. I realized a few years ago that the family room in our house gets pretty frigid during the Winter time time. It is entirely because of the immense window in there. I have thought about replacing the window with a smaller one, although I just can’t get over how beautiful the window is plus the view that I get to look at everyday through it. I decided to buy a space oil furnace for there. It worked great. I used it for the past few years, but this year, I went to turn it on, plus it would not turn on. It did really nothing. I realized a few hours later that the cord was chewed. I stored it in the attic this past summer, plus that was a mistake… Some mice must have gotten to it plus chewed the cord up pretty badly. I was super infuriated at myself for storing up there, although I eventually got over it plus decided to buy a new oil furnace for the family room. I am thinking about switching things up a bit plus getting an electric fireplace to go it there. It would look so much nicer than having a random space oil furnace in the middle of the room, we have one in our dining room, plus I know that it makes the room look so homey. I have not decided for sure, although I know I will be getting a fireplace for our family room as well. I better hurry up plus make my decision because it is getting cold here.

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