I recently decided that I wanted to upgrade my HVAC system in my house. I got a nice promotion at work and thought it would be a nice reward for all my hard work. I did a lot of research on which type of HVAC upgrade I wanted and thought that getting a brand new smart thermostat was the best idea. I called a local HVAC company that was going to install my new smart thermostat to make the appointment. I have had the smart thermostat installed for about two weeks now and I have to admit that it’s been a real nightmare. I really thought the smart thermostat would make my life easier but that has not been the case. Every time I look at the smart thermostat there is a flashing light that is letting me know if the battery is dying. I called the HVAC company that installed the smart thermostat to ask why the battery on my smart thermostat would be dying if it was just installed and they couldn’t give me a straight answer. I have gone back and forth with the HVAC company for a few days now and they still aren’t willing to help me out and replace the smart thermostat. I thought that the HVAC company would be willing to at least come out to the house and look at my new smart thermostat, but that wasn't the case. I am starting to get really annoyed that they are being more helpful with my issue.

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