I should have walked away immediately

It wasn’t so long ago that I made a terrible mistake for my family and my bank account. I just had to be a hero. I walked into a cold lake lake house after job about a month ago and knew that something was wrong. The Wintertime wasn’t full on yet but for many weeks the HVAC gas furnace would kick one from time to time, once the lake house got dark and the temps fell. However, on this day, it was clearly obvious that the gas furnace was not ever going to come on. I checked to be sure that it was getting power. However, no matter what, I simply couldn’t get the HVAC heating unit to listen and start up. Upon closer inspection, I thought I could see a tiny switch that might be burned out. This is where I should have stopped instantly and called up the HVAC professionals. Instead, I decided to dig deeper into the gas furnace and replace that part. The switch was definitely burnt so, I took it to the crucial box store to replace it. Of course, as soon as I got there, I was talking to someone who really knew less than I did about HVAC. All of us found a similar piece and I bought it. I was back at the lake house and had the gas furnace back up and running. That was a nice feeling, but my sense of accomplishment didn’t last all that long. Maybe a week ago now, the gas furnace shut off one day with all kinds of noises and smells. The area was faulty and ended up allowing the gas furnace to get so overheated that it cracked the core. Now, because I used a piece that was not OEM, the gas furnace is destroyed. I am on the hook for the full replacement of the HVAC heating system. I voided the manufacturer warranty on the HVAC by attempting to service it myself.


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