I wanted to know why subway cars are so hot inside

Not so long ago, I was looking into the reasons for subway stations being so boiling. It’s interesting that a long time ago, subway cars didn’t even have air conditioners installed inside. I couldn’t even imagine how uncomfortable that must have been for passengers. The thing is, the air conditioner systems on these subway cars is what causes a good amount of the heat in subway stations these afternoons. They say there is technology that exists to make people feel more comfortable while waiting in the subway stations, however they don’t plan on implementing this technology anytime soon! So while the subway cars keep that air conditioner inside cranked up, the heat from the subway cars is properly expelled into the subway stations. This makes it tremendously boiling plus uncomfortable in these immediate areas. The more comfortable subway stations will be those that don’t have multiple trains running through them… Also, another cause of the big amount of heat is the braking system for these large subway trains—because these trains weigh such a crucial amount, the braking energy used for stopping these trains converts into heat. So between the braking plus the use of the air conditioner systems inside, these subways have become an easily boiling location. It’s easy to realize and it’s no wonder why lots of people carry portable fans to try to keep cool. I easily do hope that in the future, they will start implementing more comfortable temperature control systems in the subways so that people can entirely be more comfortable for a change! Of course, to take on such an implementation of temperature control, it would simply cost a fortune.



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