I was hoping the AC unit only needed coolant

I woke up this morning and it was so hot in the house that I was worried it may be on fire.

After tamping that worry, I went to look at my thermostat.

It was summertime and the indoor temperatures had already got within five degrees of the outside ninety degrees. I tried to adjust the thermostat and I was hoping the air conditioner would respond with some cool air, but nothing happened. I called the HVAC company, hoping they could come to the house immediately. I was wrong about that because the HVAC company told me I would need to wait until the following day. I sat there sweating, wondering if there was any way I could possibly put coolant into the AC unit. I remembered how one time my AC unit in the car had quit working. I was talking to my friend about the lack of air conditioning and he told me he had a kit that I could use to charge the air conditioner in my car. Within minutes, my air conditioning was working well again. I thought that I should call my friend and see if he didn’t have some kind of kit that could help me put a charge into my air conditioning unit. Since that wasn’t going to happen, I ended up going from the freezer for some cool air, to a cold shower, until it was time to go to work. At least there, I would be able to get some air conditioning until the AC tech arrived the next morning. I would then have some air conditioning at home, too.


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