I won’t bother arguing over HVAC anymore

I’m at the end of my line. I simply don’t care enough anymore for these constant battles. It’s nothing new, and I’m exhausted. I see it all the time or at least 3 times per week. As a realtor in this area, I go into someone’s lake house to begin the listing process with them. The homeowner meets me at the door with a shit attitude and a long list of demands. The demands I hear are generally geared around not wanting to put cash into the saleable house to bring a better price. Apparently they’ve watched enough real estate cable to think how to do our work. I can tell you, it isn’t worth it for me anymore. Let someone else spend all their time attempting to do the impossible. My current company is based in an area where the heat is a completely crucial element in our lives. Really great HVAC is honestly essential here. I explain to these miserable, reluctant homeowners that the first thing any potential client will definitely check is the HVAC. What sort of impression does it make when a prospective client walks up to a lake house and sees a 30 years old heating and cooling system? I don’t care how much professional staging, painting and cleaning is done, without excellent air temperature control appliances the client will be turned off. But, I can tell you, I simply don’t have the energy to go through it with these sort of pissy homeowners. They can find another realtor to sell their uncomfortable home, because our firm will not be interested in a difficult sale due to stubborn ignorance.

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