I worked in the biggest HVAC facility ever.

When I finally turned 16 and got my first job, I was able to get in on a job at an HVAC facility.

  • This wasn’t just any HVAC facility though, this facility was the biggest HVAC producer in the world! I was so thrilled to be working there, especially for my first job.

I had little experience working with furnaces, air conditioners, and air purifiers, but after only a few weeks there, I knew the basic workings of most HVAC devices. When I turned 18 I decided to go to college to get a degree in HVAC mechanics. I finished my degree and came right back to the HVAC facility in my hometown where I got my first job and they hired me to be one of their travelling HVAC mechanics. I was honored to have gotten in so quickly and did my best to be the best HVAC mechanic I could. After a few years of working with this same HVAC company, I became the head HVAC mechanic and was moved to a high management position. I loved that I got to make money doing what I loved, fixing air conditioners, furnaces, and other HVAC units. It has now been 20 years since I first started working for this HVAC company, and now I have the opportunity to become CEO of the company. While this is an amazing opportunity, I am torn between two things. If I become CEO, I will be managing the HVAC technicians and no longer doing what I love, fixing HVAC units. I had to choose between money, and what I liked doing. In the end I chose to keep my management position and keep working on HVAC units. I decided it was better to be happy than rich.


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