I’ll take the bus over a plane even if the temperature control settings aren’t great

I had a rather interesting trip the other month to go visit my sister.

She lives a few states away from me.

I didn’t want to fly on a plane so I ended up getting a round trip bus ticket. The experience on the bus was not especially nice on the way to go see my sister. The thing that bothered me the most was the fact that the A/C system on the bus didn’t work all that great. It felt overheated the entire trip and the air quality was pretty bad. It also didn’t help that I was right next to the bathroom on the bus, so I had to smell all the horrible smells all the way there. When I told my sister about my horrible experience, she was saying that I should have taken a flight. She said that it would have been no problem picking me up from the airport. The thing is, I don’t really like flying. I am actually afraid that something will go wrong with the plane and I will end up crashing to my death. They say that it’s more likely that you will die crashing on the road in some sort of accident than dying in a plane crash. I don’t really know why, perhaps it’s entirely irrational, but I can’t deal with the thought of knowing I’m about to die on a plane that is speeding towards the ground. A crash on the road might be just as devastating, but I think that would happen more quickly and I wouldn’t have all the time to think about dying before it happens. I had a great visit with my sister though, and I was happy that the temperature control settings on the bus trip back were just right. Also I didn’t have to sit next to the bathroom on the way back home!

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